Project status: completed Nov 2022.
Project duration: 4.5 months, from concept to completion and delivery.
360Pros helped UCW and GUS Canada showcase the grandiose Vancouver House Campus, nearby amenities, and the incredible downtown setting to international students through immersive VR, desktop and mobile experiences. We produced and delivered:

• A 360 virtual tour with a total of 55 high-resolution 360-degree images inside and out, plus 4 high-resolution 360-degree drone images

• Client branded user interface with interactive hotspots, menus, labels and more
• Oculus Quest and Google Cardboard VR apps with stereoscopic “3D” 360s
• 20 of the 360 images to feature animated video elements such as tour guides and background activities
• Standalone web URL including 1 year of hosting by 360Pros, with the option to extend annually

Work performed & services provided:

UX & UI consulting and ideation
• Interactive design prototype
• Storyboarding
• Scoped the facilities, virtually and in-person to produce the best user flow & shot list
• On-site 360 photography; ground and aerial
• On-site videography
• Photo and video postproduction
• Tour development
• App development
• Hosting & maintenance
• Web analytics
• Consulting and support by email, phone, text, video meetings and in-person

Notable features:

• VR capabilities – Google Cardboard & Meta Quest 2 applications
• Video hotspots & guided tour – school spokesperson was filmed and integrated into the digital
experience, to provide a guided tour.
• Special effects: audio & video – background characters can be seen interacting with campus
equipment, sound effects are present to create a sense of immersion and ambiance
• Drone 360 panoramas – to give context to the wow-factor of the location and campus
• Interactive floor plan – graphic design, building and floor selector, clickable 360 scenes, and
orientation radar

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