360 Video & VR Production

Virtual experiences proven to drive decision making by immersing viewers

A Digital Experience that Feels Real

Our clients use 360 video to create greater audience engagement, immersing viewers in a story by seeing and feeling it from all perspectives. 28% more viewers watch 360 content with double the complete rate over traditional video.

What you’ll get

Ultimate Lead Generation

According to research by Omnivirt, Facebook 360 photos & videos drive up to 1300% more mobile click through rates. Increased exposure results in increased bookings.

More Customers Converted

Get your online customers up close & personal with your product or experience. Take them on a holiday destination; give them a luxury car test drive - all from the comfort of their sofa. 360 video experiences connects customers with your brand like no other digital media can.

A Powerful Learning Tool

VR has much higher engagement and retention rates for learning compared to traditional training methods. Whether it's safety inductions, dangerous satiation simulations, or even leadership training, 360 videos are a safe and engaging communications tool.

Save Time and Money

More efficient and effective resources save time and money. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, 360 videos and VR present far more visual information at any given time, connecting with viewers on an emotional level and creating a stronger tie to memory.

Jacqueline Zaharko, Grouse Mountain Resorts

“We are thrilled with the way our virtual tours have turned out and how well they’ve been received. We highly recommend 360Pros and can’t wait to shoot the 360 videos of our activities next year.”

Our Approach


Book Your Service

Our production team schedules a preview of your experience to determine the scope and budget.

360 Video Production Period

Your experiences are planned out and scripted in collaboration, then our team films, edits and finalizes the product.

View and Share

we'll deliver a hosted link that you'll be able to share or embed on your website for viewing from any OS or browser, and in VR.

Featured 360° Video Project

Check out the balancing, zipping, climbing fun of our new Mountain Ropes Adventure from all angles with this 360⁰ video tour! 360Pros partnered with Grouse Mountain Resorts to create a stunning, first-person perspective of their aerial obstacle course.

  • Used with online sales campaign to drive more business
  • VR at sales desks and trade shows for higher engagement
  • Youtube and Facebook versions for increased brand awareness
  • Reminder of the experience during off-season

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