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    In 2021, the pandemic forced administrators to close the campus to visitors. This prevented prospective students and their families from touring the school’s impressive grounds, classrooms, dorms, and amenities. 

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    An exception to the downward trend in enrollment has been Mulgrave School in Vancouver, British Columbia. There, applications from cities and countries far from Vancouver have actually increased.

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    Digitally Promote Enrollment.

    Online prospects can discover your character and brand as if they were already there.

    Build Genuine Trust.

    Prospects can feel like they’ve been there before ever stepping foot on campus.

    Highlight Student Lifestyle.

    Students can welcome prospects through our video hotspot production add-on.

    First Impressions with Tech.

    Students expect a cutting-edge education with cutting-edge tools.

    Drive International Recruitment.

    Bring your campus with you to recruitment events on tablets, screens and in VR.

    Promote your Facilities.

    Prospects can stand on the fields where legends were made and walk through the halls where dreams were fulfilled!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    We bill our clients on a time & materials basis (“pay as you go.”) This approach offers maximum flexibility for revisions and changes to the project scope along the way.

    Small projects range from $6,000 – $10,000 and feature 360 or 3D visuals of the indoor outdoor areas from the ground level.

    The average project in the $10,000 – $20,000 range scales up the amount of views shown and are best suited for medium sized and larger campus. We incorporate high-resolution drone imagery and a custom designed user interface to help make navigating all the scenes intuitive and fun. Analytics are available for insights on how the tour is performing.

    Larger projects typically cost $20,000 – $40,000 and area ideal for campuses which want to showcase warmth and character in addition to their facilities by incorporating 360 scenes that come to life by blending in video elements like student tour guides, sports activates, drone flythrough and more.

    No Hidden fees. Every project includes 1 year of hosting with the option to renew annually starting from $300/year. We can create customized monthly maintenance packages for virtual tours which need ongoing support, filming and changes to content.

    How long does it take?

    Medium scope projects are completed in a 6-8 week timeframe. Our typical turnaround time from initial 360 and drone photography to a first draft deliverable is 3 weeks, with a final draft ready within 5-8 weeks of the shoot date. Delivery times vary based on the scope of a project, the amount of revisions, and the preproduction involved.

    What's the process?

    1. We learn about  your school, goals, and ideal project delivery timelines.
    2. We get to know your campus through floor plans, photos, Google Earth or in some cases do a in-person visit to assess the scope of work.
    3. A 50% deposit of our estimated time and materials is requested to kick off the project.
    4. Client onboarding, design prototypes and logistics occurs.
    5. Filming typically takes place over a weekend, completed in a day or two.
    6. Initial drafts are delivered for client review and revisions commence.
    7. A final deliverable is presented typically within 6-8 weeks of filming.
    8. If ordered, a dedicated analytics page is setup for your marketing team to understand engagement metrics.
    9. Ongoing support and updates to your content are available.

    What if we need changes or updates in the future?

    No problem! Just reach out to your project manager or producer about anything that has changed on campus, and we’ll coordinate for another shoot. From filming new facilities, to rendering the future into your existing imagery for donor relations, our virtual tours can evolve along with your campus.

    How do we share the virtual tour with our audience?

    We make this super easy. The virtual tour is a simple web link which can be shared online like a YouTube video. You can post this in text messages, emails, on LinkedIn and Facebook, etc. For your website, we provide you with a special embed code that your marketing team will use to make the virtual tour appear to live on any landing page you choose.

    You can even share  your virtual tours in person from an iPad or VR headset. iPad and mobile viewing is included in every virtual tour service, but VR is an optional extra. Offline viewing can be included as well for events where the internet is intermittent.

    Are there any recurring fees?

    Our fees are simple and straightforward. The majority of the expense is in the production fee, and we charge a small annual fee to keep the virtual tour hosted for you. Every project includes 1 year of hosting with the option to renew annually starting from $300/year. We can create customized monthly maintenance packages for virtual tours which need ongoing support, filming and changes to content.

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    Don't be shy, get in touch.