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We produce virtual e-training experiences of real-world or digital environments to help you achieve 60% more knowledge retention and minimize distractions.

With 360Pros' virtual training production services, you’re engaging the senses, emotions and cognitive functions of the brain, tapping into the most powerful aspects of retention.

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Aquaculture Facility – Digital Twin

  • Immersive media engages the senses and evokes emotion to increase cognitive retention
  • Familiarize trainees with spaces using digital twins
  • Higher engagement and retention

Customized Environments

  • Customize to reach extremely relevant desired outcomes
  • Create, edit and scale your corporate or educational learning strategy
  • Bring the training environments directly to your trainees


  • Expose trainees to realistic dangerous environments safely
  • Evoke the emotions related to dangerous situations and build confidence through repetition
  • Eliminate the need to physically visit dangerous environments

On Demand and Global

  • No need to travel and organize trainees to meet in a physical space
  • Create, track and archive trainees performance
  • Virtual training allows for unlimited repetition at low cost

Gamification for Engagement

  • Encourages repetition by creating a fun and immersive learning environment
  • Training becomes a quest and competition between candidates
  • 67% of students reported that a gamified course was more motivating than a traditional course

Pricing and Details

Up to 2,000 sq ft

Starting at

$660.00 CAD


Shoot Time

1 hr


Up to 4,000 sq ft

Starting at

$920.00 CAD


Shoot Time

1.5 hrs


Up to 6,000 sq ft

Starting at

$1,200.00 CAD


Shoot Time

2 hrs


Up to 8,000 sq ft

Starting at

$1,600.00 CAD


Shoot Time

2.5 hrs


Up to 10,000 sq ft

Starting at

$1,800.00 CAD


Shoot Time

3 hrs


Over 10,000 sq ft

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