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Use our online form or contact us to submit your specifics and request a quote. One of our experts will reach out to schedule a free 1-on-1 consultation.

We Capture Your Space

A 360Pros professional will arrange to visit and capture your space. Typically on-site for one to two hours.

View and Share

Typically available within 48 hours, we'll deliver a hosted link that you'll be able to share or embed on your website for viewing from any OS or browser, and in VR.

Introducing 360Pros Virtual Media – a Vancouver BC based VR and Immersive Media Production Service. We produce rich interactive virtual tours and VR experiences, allowing your customers to explore and evaluate your venue from anywhere.

Your space usually needs to be showcased many times under different contexts before your customers are ready to make a decision. That’s why virtual tours are an excellent follow-up asset to a traditional in-person tour, as well a standalone solution for when presenting your venue in-person is not even possible.

Our experienced staff use the best 360 photography and video, 3D imaging, and drone production equipment to produce media that virtually convey the true sense of being in a physical space. The production process is fast and efficient, and our digital deliverables are as easy to use as a YouTube link on your website.

We Are 360Pros

Boris Maganic

Chief Creative Officer

Boris founded 360Pros through his innate sense of curiosity, adventure and passion for continuous learning. Often taking the road less traveled, he focuses on the pathways which interest him the most. Self-taught in many avenues, Boris obsessively dedicates his actions with intent, reflecting his experience of the world in how he makes important business decisions.

Jennifer Bennett

Business Development & Continuity

First and foremost, Jen brings on the energy and the funny. But when push comes to shove, her years of experience in business continuity offers a complete path to keep our team productive during planned or unplanned circumstances. Jen's approach allows 360Pros to work the same during business-as-usual or in the event of an emergency.

Ronald Meza

Director of Drone Operations

Ronald is an innovator in the world of technology and industrial design. His fascination with remotely controlled vehicles led him to design and spontaneously make models capable of never before seen tasks.