Client: Mulgrave School, West Vancouver BC

Project: Upgrading The Virtual Campus Tour

Mulgrave School is a private, gender-inclusive, secular, International Baccalaureate school that emphasizes personalized learning. Its mission is to inspire students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 to pursue scholastic excellence and later go on to leading satisfying lives.

The Problem

In recent years, international and out-of–province enrollment at nearly all independent schools have declined. Some of the fall-off has been due to the Covid pandemic and some to parents and guardians choosing other education options closer to home.

An exception to the downward trend has been Mulgrave School in Vancouver, British Columbia. There, applications from cities and countries far from Vancouver have actually increased.

School administrators credit this accomplishment in part to their decision to upgrade a years-old video tour viewed by prospective students and their families to acquaint them with Mulgrave School’s impressive campus and culture.

The Solution

The upgrade was performed by 360Pros. The result, as described by school officials, was spectacular.

The original virtual tour of Mulgrave School was created by a previous vendor (not 360Pros). Administrators felt the tour was an effective recruitment tool and had no plan to change a thing about it—until, that is, they happened across a three-dimensional, all-direction virtual tour of another school produced by 360Pros.

Mulgrave School administrators responded by retaining 360Pros to develop a similar virtual product and incorporate it into the existing tour.


The work began with a series of discussions to clearly define the elements the school wanted to highlight in the upgraded tour component: the grounds, building exteriors, classrooms, students, teachers, sports events, clubs, extracurricular events, and more.

360Pros Founder and Chief Creative Officer Boris Maganic presented numerous ideas to maximize the impact of the images and scenes that would ultimately be captured by a combination of hand-carried and tripod-mounted digital video cameras plus state-of-the-art airborne drones.

The Results Are In…

The finished product was noteworthy for, among other things, the remarkable ease with which parents, guardians, and prospective students could navigate their way through the upgraded tour—school officials had indicated to 360Pros at the onset that some of the virtual tour-takers could be expected to possess limited technical skills and so, for them, the product would need to be structured and organized with utmost simplicity in mind.

In all, administrators were very pleased with the way the upgraded tour turned out, enthusing that not only did it dramatically showcase the school’s amenities but also effectively captured the sheer energy and vibrancy of campus life. So delighted were they, in fact, that they tapped 360Pros to also produce a virtual walk-through and bird’s-eye overflight of the school’s magnificent new Athletics and Performing Arts Centre.

In Summary

Said Assistant Head of School and Development Elizabeth Calderon, “Working with 360Pros was just so easy. The way they presented our various storytelling options made sense to us and we were able to make good decisions as a result. The team was incredibly responsive to our needs and worked within our budget. We couldn’t have been happier.”

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