Why  should you choose a 360Pros custom virtual tour over a Matterport tour?

Well, there’s actually a lot of reasons.

22 to be exact!

Are there similarities between a custom tour and a Matterport tour?

360Pros can actually produce both custom and Matterport tours, meaning we offer custom solutions for when a Matterport tour isn’t enough.

With both tours, you’ll receive a URL for sharing and embedding, a series of connected 360-degree panoramas, a 2D floor plan view, an optional 3D “dollhouse” view of your space, media tags with text and optional photos and videos, basic guided tour functionality, and standard virtual reality.

So then how are they different?

Reason 1: Fully Customizable Hotspots

Matterport tours have pop up tags with images and hyperlinks, BUT 360Pros virtual tours have fully customizable hotspots that can showcase your space exactly the way you want to show it. We can add tags on top of your 360-imagery, but we can customize how these tags appear – from info icons to polygon shapes, and even animations, the options are endless. Then, the pop-up panel itself is fully customizable, and branded to your exact colours, fonts and styles. 

Reason 2: Virtual Staging

We have virtual staging, which can be possible for Matterport tours as well, BUT only through a 3rd party system. With our virtual staging services, you won’t lose time and money on continuity issues. 

Reason 3: In-House Rendered Imagery

360Pros delivers rendered imagery which is produced in-house. If you hire a Matterport service provider, you’ll need to contract a 3rd party company to attempt to create a rendered virtual experience through the Matterport Showcase. However, 360Pros specializes in producing fully rendered virtual spaces which are not yet built. Our team of architectural visualisers and 3D modelers are available to take your 2D or 3D plans and virtually turn them into reality. 

Reason 4: Customizable Guided Tour

A 360Pros custom tour could be the better choice over a Matterport tour because of guided tour limitations. With a 360Pros tour, we can develop a fully customizable guided tour which creates a more personalized experience for your user. Any action that a user can take in the tour can be animated with a 360Pros custom virtual tour. 

Reason 5: Video Tour Guides

The one issue with virtual tours is that people aren’t ACTUALLY there to show you around and point out those little things… well until we came around. 360Pros can incorporate an integrated video presenter (human or AI) to bring your tour to life. We can even include props or bring functional elements of your space to life. Want a talking tea pot? We could probably do that too.

Reason 6: Picture in Picture & Chatbot Style Avatars

360Pros tours can have picture in picture videos and chatbot-style avatars to help answer any lingering questions your users may have. Our clients can choose between providing their own spokesperson or staff member, a professional model from our catalog, or one of our AI avatars to do the heavy lifting. 

Reason 7 & 8: Custom & Google Analytics

We also provide custom analytics, as well as acess to a dedicated google analytics property to help you keep track of all the statistics that you may be curious about – like how many “contact us” clicks you get, or where your users are coming from. 

Reason 9 & 10: Full Brand Control & Custom UI/UX Design

Have full brand control, and consult with 360Pros’ designers who can produce custom UI & UX design to ensure that your tour stands out against competitors. 

Reason 11, 12 & 13: 360 Touch-Ups, Added Characters & Animated Movements

360Pros is able to touch up your 360 panoramas to ensure that your view is perfect, even if the shooting conditions were not. We can also add characters to your panoramas after-the-fact, and even animate movements to truly keep your users engaged and connected.

Reason 14: Drone Captured 360s

Matterport tours provide you with beautiful imagery of your space, BUT with 360Pros you can go above and beyond, literally. Our virtual tours combine imagery from inside and outside with aerial, drone-captured 360s to give your audience the full picture adding a huge wow-factor.

Reason 15: Custom Floor Plans

360Pros offers custom floor plans that allow you to portray your space exactly how you want it, whether you need a simple, black line plan as part of your UI, or an interactive area map which gives your audience more options when it comes to exploring your spaces. 

Reason 16 & 17: 360 Video & Virtual Reality

Beyond drone & panoramic views, we do 360 video and virtual reality too. If you think that a virtual tour couldn’t get more immersive, we’re here to challenge you to think deeper.

Reason 18 & 19: Voiceovers & Ambient Sounds

We have professionally recorded voiceover narrations to guide you and if you thought that was immersive, we add background audio like music and ambient sounds to experience every dimension of your world. And the sound design can be precisely integrated into specific aspects of your tour, allowing you to have full control of your audience’s experience in your space.

Reason 20 & 21: Before/After & Design Schemes

360Pros can construct before and after imagery from the same perspectives to showcase the development of a space over time. Similarly, this feature can allow you to showcase multiple options such as different color schemes or interior designs to really tailor your space for your client.

Reason 22: Offline Tours

360Pros virtual tour can be downloaded to play offline. Perfect for you to view on the go or somewhere remote or with unreliable internet collection. Or if the tour contains sensitive information that you want to keep top secret, but this way you can share the tour with who you want, when you want without a sweat.

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